• What Does it Mean When a Cryovial Is “Not For Use in Liquid Phase of Liquid Nitrogen”?

    This phrase begs the question: “Well then, what sort of cryogenic vial is this if it cannot be used in liquid nitrogen?” Not a week goes by that we are not asked to explain this seemingly odd disclaimer which appears on every cryovial product page regardless of the manuf...
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  • Factory Photos

    After updating of our factory has been finished, we had a professional photographer coming to take photos of our factory! Please see our fantastic buildings in manufacturing plant, our Arburg injection machines for Tecan, Hamilton, Roche pipette tips, our automatic assem...
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  • FAQ about Collect MedTech

    1.What products do you have? We have Roche/Hamilton/Tecan pipette tips, cryogenic tubes, centrifuge tubes, specimen containers and other plastic medical/life science consumables. 2.Are you a manufacturer for all your products? Yes, we have a manufacturing plant covering ...
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