New Arrival – Tray of tips and cups for Roche e801

Our new products are coming!
Samples can been seen in September, 2022.

Here are details of the new tray:
Item number: ZC103401
Description: 80ul Pipette Tip/Sample Cup for Roche E801.
Packing detail: 84SETS/PK. 96PK/Carton

Roche Diagnosis company has no strict limit on the consumables of Roche e801, thus it should have more requairs pipette tips in the market. It should have a bigger market.
And we have 13 years experience in producing Roche pipette tips for Roche 2010/E411/E170/E601/4800/8000. This experience helps us a lot during the development of the new product.

Please ask for details or samples.

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Post time: Jul-21-2022